Norwegian American press

Rounded play buttonThe Norwegian American press after April 9, 1940, by editor Carl Søyland, Nordisk Tidende, New York, is the title of this radio program. "This broadcast told that the Norwegian press in America is facing difficult tasks after the April 9 invasion. Numerous letters and personal inquiries from Norwegians and those with Norwegian ancestry in America, about the war in Norway, were received. These are the first eyewitness accounts from the war in Norway. Soyland tells that newspaper editors are constantly visited by Norwegians, who are seeking information about family and friends at home, and in America. He talks about the dissemination of misdirected letters, the photograph of "Leif", about letters to the newspaper from Norwegians worldwide, and about inquiries from Norwegians in American cities about reading in Norwegian. The newspaper information about this resulted in over 1,000 volumes Norwegian literature, which are now sent into circulation."  The program aired on January 11, 1941. Source: