About Carl Søyland

Carl-Soyland-1974980-767x1024 kopi10Carl Søyland was born in Bergen on May 19, 1894, as the son of merchant Tønnes James Søyland (1859-1917) and Kristiane Nilsen (1868-1953). In 1919 he came the first time to the United States. Between 1921 and 1926 he led a vagabond life traveling around the world. From 1926 he lived in Brooklyn and began his work at Nordisk Tidende. Søyland was editor at Nordisk Tidende from 1929, he took over the editorial chair about one week before the outbreak of WWII in Norway. Carl Søyland retired in 1963, but he continued to work in the newspaper. Søyland died on December 18, 1978, in Brooklyn, New York.

Langs landeveien (Along the road) (1929)
Skrift i sand. Bruddstykker av utvandrersagaen (Written in the sand. Fragments of an Emigrant saga) (1954)

Photo: ©Jørn-Kr. Jørgensen. Picture taken at Den norske Sjømannskirken at 33 First Place, summer of 1974.