Seamen’s Church in New York

USANewYorkhost2013 432_111PionerStreetaged kopi10New York became an independent station from 1878, and a year later it became a rectory and church at the address 111 William Street in Brooklyn. Later the address changed to 111 Pioneer Street, not far from the docks where Norwegian ship came in – Erie Basin and Atlantic Dock.
USANewYorkhost2013 423aged kopi10In 1927 a new church was purchased to work as a Seamen’s Church. This had the address 33 First Place, and was formerly Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Changes in Norwegian shipping made the natural move of the Seamen’s church to Manhattan in 1984. Today, the Seamen's Church is at 317 East 52nd Street.

There is also an archive, The NIA Research Center, which resides within the Inger and William Ginsberg Library at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Manhattan. There you can find material relating to Norwegian sailors and immigrants, especially those who came to Manhattan and Brooklyn.  


Left picture: The Church at 111 Pioneer Street, Brooklyn. Photo: © Liv Marit Haakenstad

Right picture: The Church at 33 First Place, Brooklyn. Photo: © Liv Marit Haakenstad