May 19, 1894 Carl Søyland was born in Bergen May 19, 1894, but grew up in Flekkefjord, Norway.

His parents was Tønnes James Søyland (1859-1917) and Kristiane Nilsen (1868-1953).
Census 1910 Carl Søyland lived at Pilestrædet 81, Kristiania

Census 1910

Emigration September 27, 1919 Søyland immigrated to America on the ship “Stavangerfjord”.
Vagabond life 1921 Carl Carl Søyland led a vagabond life traveling around the World between 1921 and 1926.
California-Vikingen 1924 Søyland was an editor for the Norwegian-American newspaper in California, California-Vikingen, between 1924-1925.
Brooklyn 1926 Carl Søyland settled in Brooklyn in 1926. He wrote the book "Langs landeveien" in the daytime, and played piano at a restaurant in the evenings. Later that year he got a job in Nordisk Tidende.
Sjømannskirken 1928 A new Seaman Sailor Church was opened in 1928. Carl Søyland played organ and piano at many of the services, arrangements and concertes held there.
Ørkenen Sur ca. 1928
Photo: Carl Søyland/Owner: Jørn-Kr. Jørgensen.
Nordisk Tidende 1930 Carl Søyland became an editor secretary in Nordisk Tidende.
Nordisk Tidende 1940 Carl Søyland became the editor-in-Chef in Nordisk Tidende March 30, a few days before the WWII started in Norway.
ca. 1960
Alt for Norge
Carl Søyland and Nordisk Tidende
Nordisk Tidende 1963 Carl Søyland retired from his job as editor-in-Chef in Nordisk Tidende, but wrote for the Newspaper until he was unable to go to work.
December 18, 1978 Green-Wood Cemetery